Christopher Tierney

My passion is capturing one of the most important events to happen in a couple’s life: their wedding day.  I am there to capture all of the amazing moments that occur during the day, from the love in a mother’s face as she sees her daughter in her white gown, the tears in a father’s eyes as he gives his daughter away, the look of amazement the groom gives the bride as she walks down the aisle, and the joy the bride and groom feel as they turn hand in hand towards their friends and family, embarking on a new journey as two become one.  I take pride in capturing those special moments for my clients, knowing that these images will be cherished by my clients for years to come.

I get to capture those moments!  Yes, I have the coolest job in the world.

Let me help you capture the dream wedding you’ve been planning.  Whether that be a small intimate gathering among friends, a formal affair, a destination wedding in a faraway land, or a relaxed backyard wedding, I will be there to turn the moments into memories.

Fun facts about muah:

  • I’m just a regular dude from Omaha, Nebraska.
  • My wife is a classically trained French chef.
  • I can make a mean PB&J sandwich!
  • Did I attend art school? Nope, just blood, sweat and plenty of tears.
  • I love meeting new people in interesting places.
  • I have a ‘Go Big or Go Home’ mentality!
  • I never take myself too seriously.